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Which brands are good for wall clock stores? Wall clock display feng shui introduction


Wall clocks are now common items at home. Not only can we remind us of the time, but also we can play the role of decorating the living room, but those brands where the wall clock is exclusively sold are more reliable? The wall clock placed in the living room has the knowledge of Feng Shui~ You don't have to worry, today Xiaobian will answer for you one by one. Let's first get to know the relevant knowledge of the wall clock monopoly !


First, wall clock monopoly brand recommendation

1 wall clock monopoly - Uranus

Guangzhou Uranus Technology Co., Ltd., the clock-wall clock top ten brand, founded in 1967, the famous quartz watch brand, the domestic influential watch company, with more than 40 years of rich experience, production, sales as one of the domestic well-known watches enterprise.

Since its founding in 1967, Uranus has been based on the division of production and sales, and has been adhering to the philosophy of "people-oriented, quality first" for more than 40 years. It is concentrated in clock production, technological innovation, knowledge management, and pragmatic operation. In terms of professional teams with extensive experience, they jointly operate Uranus relations companies.

2. Wall clock monopoly - Overlord

Shenzhen Bawang Industrial Group Co., Ltd., wall clock-alarm clock top ten brands, Guangdong famous brand, Shenzhen private leading enterprise, Shenzhen famous brand, watch industry influential brand, city civilized unit, focusing on digital product research and development, production , marketing companies. Founded in 1988, Shenzhen Bawang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development and manufacture of precision molds, precision electronics and precision watches. Its products are exported to all over the world, and the Japanese market has become its main market. After nearly 20 years of development, it has world-class processing and production equipment and has grown steadily into a modern enterprise.

3. Wall clock monopoly - New Oriental clocks

Weihai New Oriental Watch Co., Ltd., clock-wall clock top ten brands, one of the largest domestic manufacturers in the same industry, one with complete product manufacturing and strong strength, one of the major Chinese clock manufacturers, the vice chairman of China Watch Association, professional An enterprise that produces and manages watch products. Weihai New Oriental Watch Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of watches and clocks. Has more than 30 years of experience and performance in watch production. The company has the ability to independently design, produce and assemble products. The main products are mechanical movements, electronic movements, wooden clocks, wall clocks, floor clocks, cuckoo clocks, watches and so on. It is an enterprise with independent design and development capabilities and mechanical, electronic movement manufacturing, clock manufacturing, mold manufacturing, plastic products, wood processing and manufacturing, and dust-free coating. The company has complete equipment, advanced technology and first-class factory.

4. Wall clock monopoly - Jingke

Changzhou Jingke Industrial Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of clock-wall clock, originated from the German high-quality wall clock brand, the most professional manufacturer of high-quality quartz clock products in China, with top design and management talents in the industry and covering domestic and foreign. Marketing and service network. Founded in 1983, Changzhou Jingke Industrial Co., Ltd. is the most professional manufacturer of high quality quartz clock products in China. After decades of hard work and innovation, we have achieved outstanding results.


Second, what are the bells and feng shui?

The wall clock Feng Shui 1, can be placed in the south of the house, that is, the front, the front is a mover. The color of the clock is mainly red, purple and orange, and the octagonal shape is auspicious. This position is a fire.

The wall clock Feng Shui 2 can be placed in the east and southeast of the house, and the square side is also suitable for the left side of the living room. The color of the clock is mainly green and cyan, and the square is auspicious. These two orientations are wood.

Wall clock Feng Shui 3, don't put it in the white tiger side of the house (that is, the West), the white tiger side is the murderer, so it is not appropriate to put a wall clock. But it can be placed in the northwest. The color of the clock is mainly white and gold, and the circle is auspicious. This position is gold.

Wall clock Feng Shui 4, do not put in the Xuanwu side (ie the north), Xuanwu side is the rear, should not be moved.

Wall clock Feng Shui 5, the top of the sofa should not be suspended. Otherwise, it is easy to feel uneasy.

Wall clock Feng Shui 6, placed in the bedroom, but the bed should not be a wall clock.

The wall clock Feng Shui 7, can be placed in the Suzaku side, the Suzaku side is in front, the front is the mover;

The wall clock Feng Shui 8, can be placed in the Qinglong side, the Qinglong side is the Kyrgyz side, so the left side of the living room should be placed;

Don't underestimate this little wall clock. If you buy it improperly, it will only add trouble to your future. If it is not placed properly, it will affect the health of the whole family. Fortunately, everyone must buy genuine products from the wall clock store. For more information on wall clock decoration decoration consultation, please pay attention to the decoration home network!

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